5 Secrets to Crack PTE Exam

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the English language proficiency tests recognized by Australian Government. In fact, a lot of international students prefer PTE Exam over IELTS, for they claim it to be more transparent than the latter one.

As a PTE coaching provider and an Education & Migration agent in Australia and India, we have seen a spike in number of students taking PTE. The test claims to be totally unbiased with no human intervention in the process including checking and result.

Herein, we bring to you some secrets that can help you crack your PTE exam without facing any problems. Of course, we cannot claim that you can clear the exam in very first attempt, but sticking to these tips will surely help you to crack it comfortably. Let’s jump into it!

Don’t Bypass PTE Coaching

If you think you are already good at English language and can clear the test in the first attempt without any coaching, you may be wrong.

PTE coaching prepares you for the test, not English. If you have poor grip over the language, it may not be possible for you to clear PTE. On the other hand, if you do not know the PTE exam format of the test along with tips & tricks to crack it, you may be in trouble.

Taking PTE coaching will help you understand the test in a better way. You’ll learn the format along with PTE tips and tricks to crack it without significant issues.

Take Coaching from Renowned Provider

You can either pay for the coaching multiple times or take coaching from a renowned provider just once.

Your area may have number of coaching providers, but there are ways to find out the best. Go for a trial class with 3-5 of them and you’ll come to know the difference. You can also look for reviews on their social media platforms like Facebook and Google.

This exercise will act as an investment and will help you find the best possible PTE provider in your area.

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests help more than you can think of. Practice as many mock tests as possible to get comfortable with all the modules of the test.

Mock tests give you simulation environment and prepare you for the pressure that you’d otherwise feel in the examination hall.

Make sure you practice all the mock tests religiously.

Work on Your Strengths and Weaknesses Equally

While you must work on your weaknesses for the test, don’t let your strengths be untouched.

We’ve seen a lot of students who end up scoring less in their stronger area just because they didn’t practice harder and were overconfident.

Don’t leave your strengths untouched; work on them equally.

Take it Lightly on the D-Day

Don’t take things heavily. Just relax the day before and on the d-day, and you’ll be good to go.

Over-thinking about the test can drain your mind much quickly and can make it difficult for you to concentrate. Just take things lightly and go through it with a smile.

Make sure you stick to the above not-so-secretive tips to get desired score in your PTE exam. All the best!