A Comprehensive Guide to Reading Section of PTE

The reading section of the PTE exam analyzes the ability of the student in understanding the main message of the given passage along with the vocabulary and fluency in speaking English. The reading section of the PTE exam is around 30 to 40 minutes long. However, if you are well prepared for the exam, you can complete it within the time. The section involves various question types to judge the reading skills of the students.

In the following blog, we will walk you through the reading section of PTE. Keep reading.

The PTE Academic Exam

The exam takes 2 hours to complete however, the reading section of the PTE exam is about 40 minutes long. It involves an average of 15 to 20 questions, which all are different from each other. Overall, the section includes 5 tasks with a maximum of 20 questions for students to prove their reading ability.

Different Question Types in the PTE Reading Section

The PTE reading section consists of the following question types:

  1. Multiple-choice, choose a single answer
  2. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
  3. Re-order paragraphs
  4. Fill in the blanks
  5. Reading and Writing - Fill in the blanks

Effective Strategies for Reading Section

Know your Question Well

The first and foremost thing to do is to understand what the question is. If you have not understood it in the first time, read it twice. Read the question in your mind for as long as it takes until you get what is being asked of you. Only then you will be able to provide the correct answer.

Scan and Skim your Answers

To be good at scanning and skimming answers in your PTE exam, you must start reading newspapers, blogs, books, and magazines. This will develop a habit for you to read and understand the words better. It will help you in finding your answers quickly and save you time. After you have understood your question, it will be easier for you to locate the answer.

Highlight the Correct Words

While looking for your answer, keep on highlighting the ones you feel are appropriate. It could be anything from figures to facts, names, and so on.

Analyze the Answers

Analyzing your answers means you know what is being asked of you. After you have known the meaning and idea behind a passage, move on to your given answers to find the best-fitted one. Ensure you have chosen the right answer by reviewing it. This is only possible if you have highlighted the right options in the previous step.

Eliminate Wrong Answers

Highlight the answers you think are appropriate for the question. If you feel some options are irrelevant, eliminate them. Keep the ones that fit best according to the question. You must also read the sentences or passages in your mind to ensure they make perfect sense. Reviewing your answers will also help you give a better picture of what you have written.

Make use of your Time Wisely

You must have heard the proverb or people saying that “time is precious.” Time is indeed very precious therefore, you must use it wisely. Do not be one of those students who cannot finish their exam in time. Remember, there is a time limit for the exam and you must keep track of it to ensure you are not lacking behind. You can make a schedule and work accordingly. This will help you achieve speed, which can further help you in completing your exam hassle-free. Ensure you are not spending too much time on one question. If you are unsure of an answer, come back again to complete it rather than sticking to it and wasting time.

Go through your Answers

Go through your answers before jumping on to the next question to see if you have answered the question correctly or not. Therefore, check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and everything carefully to ensure there are no mistakes made. After all, it is better to validate your answers before than to realize silly mistakes later.

The Final Thought

The PTE exam needs keen focus to complete smoothly. You need effective and practical strategies to prepare for your exam well.

Therefore, strategies will only work if you have a better understanding of all the sections of the PTE exam. For detailed information and guidance about PTE, reach our experts or quote us today.