Ace the Fill in the Blanks in PTE Reading

How can one score well in PTE Reading’s fill in the blank section? Many students ask this question while preparing for the PTE exam. The ideal way to crack the exam is to understand the questions asked of you.

However, you may face difficulty in answering fill in the blanks or any other question) if you fail to find out the meaning and purpose of the questions.

The exam has questions that appear with different blanks, beneath which, are a set of words to choose the correct answer. You will have to find the appropriate response from the options given, pick it, and drag it to the blank.

Be careful while choosing the answer, as there are more words than blanks in a sentence. It is a trick to let students put some effort while answering. You do not have to bother about some unused words. If all your blanks are filled in and you are sure of your answers, you can proceed further with the exam.


The reading section of the PTE exam online includes the following concept for filling in the blanks questions:

  • The number of questions: there are approximately 5 questions for fill-in-the-blanks.
  • Score: overall reading section’s score will be counted in the result.
  • Negative marking: fill-in-the-blanks does not have negative marking.
  • Time to answer: there is no time limit for fill-in-blank sections. Only the reading part generally has a specific time to complete.

Your understanding of the grammar and perception of the meaning of the sentences will determine how well you can answer fill-in-the-blank questions in PTE Reading. Therefore, acing the reading section is quite challenging. You need constant practice and learning of different methods to get through it quickly. As much as you will improve your vocabulary, it will be easier for you to answer the questions. You can read newspapers, novels, fiction books, and magazines daily for good vocabulary.


Adhere to the following method of reading section of the PTE exam online for filling in the blanks questions:

Commence with the first blank in the provided text. Once you find it, understand its meaning. Think of its purpose and what information needs to be filled. This way, you can easily find the correct answer for the blank. Look for the subject – name, place, thing, or grammar – noun, verb, etc.- that fits best.

Once you are thorough with the question, look for the options provided to you for the correct answer to fill in. You can try putting each word in the blank to see whether the sentence makes sense. However, if you cannot find an answer for a specific blank, move on to the other and complete the rest of the questions.

Remember, there is no time limit for fill-in-the-blank questions but, the entire reading section holds a time limit. If you spend more time on one part, you will have less time to complete other functions. Therefore, keep track of the timer while you give your exam.

At last, review your sentences carefully and read them aloud to ensure they make sense. You can change the answer and see the effect if you think something is wrong. Accordingly, you can wrap up and move on to the next part.

Essential Tips

Consider the following tips to ace the fill-in-the-blanks in the PTE reading:

Work on the simple sentences first. Rather than being stuck on one difficult question, try the simple ones and save time. In addition, it will reduce the options in the list provided; therefore, it will be easier for you to fill in the difficult blanks too.

Evaluate the provided answers one by one. This means putting the options one by one in the blanks to see whether it makes sense. The one that you think is the best fit, fill in that blank and move on to the next.

Make a habit of reading something every day. It could be a magazine, newspaper, novel, etc. It will improve your vocabulary. The improved language will help you decide quickly which word should go in a particular sentence and which should not. Hence, filling in the blanks will be much more accessible and straightforward.


The previously mentioned practical tips will help you ace the examwith a good score. However, it takes constant practice and hard work for better performance on the test.

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