How to Achieve a 90 in PTE Academic Exam?

Do you think scoring 90 on PTE Academic exam is tough? Most students perceive that only native English speakers can score 90 on the PTE exam, but it is not valid; as long as you are practicing, taking PTE coaching and online learning regularly, you can easily score 90.

Suppose you are from a non-native English-speaking background where your national language is not English, and you are planning to pursue your studies in a native-speaking country like Australia. Therefore, you need to pass the PTE academic exam before filling out a university application form.

The PTE Academic exam is not just about proficiency or scores; it is a combination of English learning, quick response and a test of general knowledge. PTE exam is not easier than IELTS, but you can score high on the PTE exam compared to the IELTS exam. However, it requires PTE practices, PTE coaching and online learning daily to score high on the PTE exam.

PTE academic is becoming popular and accepting English language tests for international students; the Australian and New Zealand governments recognise it. Top universities worldwide accept the PTE test, so you need to be ready to achieve 90 scores on the PTE exam.

Types of Tasks

PTE has many task types, as given below for each section.

  • Speaking
  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Retell lecture
  • Answer Short Question
  • Writing
    • Summarize Written Text
    • Essay
  • Reading
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer
    • Re-order Paragraphs
    • Multiple Choice choose Single Answer
  • Listening
    • Summarize Spoken Text
    • Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Highlight correct summary
    • Multiple Choice choose Single Answer
    • Select missing word
    • Highlight incorrect words
    • Write from dictation

Tips and Strategies

The Tips and Strategies given below can help you to score best in the PTE exam.

  • Read and Listen to English Daily - Reading and listening is something we do while PTE practices and do focus on good material like high-profile international magazines, books, informative TV channels, newspapers, etc. This will helps to build your vocabulary, improve pronunciation, improve your native speaking accent and your grammar, which will aid in preparing for PTE academic exam.
  • PTE Practices - Practicing daily on 3-4 mock tests can help you to score high on the PTE exam.
  • Improve Your Reading Skills - You can improve your reading skills by reading aloud, recording yourself while reading, re-reading to check your fluency, being clear about words, and improving your speaking accent while reading. You will do these few things while reading and it will help you to read quickly through a text or paper without taking too much time on any single word.
  • Make a List of Words - Making a list of words will polish your writing skills, help you understand the words by taking the PTE exam, and save your time. The word list is working to help you describe the image in Writing Task.
  • Record Yourself - When practicing for the speaking and reading test don't forget to record yourself and listen to it after recording. You will be able to identify the mistake, if any or can check whether your speaking accent is good or not.
  • Prepare for the Introduction - The PTE speaking test begins with an introduction. It is important to make a good impression; as part of your preparation, make a list to cover the points, set the format of how you will speak and what you will speak and then practice introducing yourself. Do record yourself while practicing for the introduction, and do not prepare a script! It will make the introduction sound unnatural and put a wrong impression.
  • Make Notes - While practicing, you can make notes of writing, summaries a lecture, describe images or write an essay in the form of points. The notes must be short and contain keywords and phrases to represent the vital information.
  • Give Attention to Question Patterns - The PTE exam has a pattern of questions, topics and so on. The more you PTE practice with mock tests or check the sample materials, the more you become familiar with the patterns, and it will lead you to score high on the PTE exam.
  • Strategize Your Time and Word Limit - You need to pay attention to the task's timing and the word limit. The more you pay attention to the time limit and strategies the pattern, the more you must be able to complete the task comfortably on time. In the writing test, you need to write the minimum number of words; if you write less in the mock test might be you can lose some marks. At the same point, if you write in a maximum amount of words, it will be pointless! To play safely in this situation, you can set the word limit between 200-300.
  • Concern with Our PTE Expert – Concern with one of our PTE experts being the better option for scoring 90 in the PTE exam. Our experienced PTE experts will give you constructive feedback and plenty of opportunities to put them into PTE practices and much more! You can take online classes or do self-learning to test your knowledge and practice through sample materials.


In the end, scoring 90/90 can be easy, but you need to practice, take coaching and can do self-learning daily. However, you can take help from us. Here at Connect PTE, we have a team of experts and experienced people who will assist you to score 90/90, even on your first attempt! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us via this link and start your journey now!