How to Score 90 out of 90 in PTE Speaking Module

Preparing for the PTE speaking module? Need to know how to score 90 out of 90? Well! There is not any rocket science behind the speaking or other modules. The test-taker can take PTE coaching to improve their speaking and increase their chances of scoring high on the exam.

In the PTE exam hall, many test-takers report the environment becomes very noisy and distracting, like a fish market, because everyone tries to speak loudly and fast.

In view of that fact, the test-takers are recommended to practise in a noisy environment; they can turn on the television, increase the volume of music, use any noisy place and try to enhance the focus on the speaking module. If test-takers speak steadily and slowly, they can improve their speaking scores.

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Beneficial Tips

The test-takers can perform better in speaking by following these beneficial tips below.

  • The voice should be clear and audible while balancing the loud and low tones. Avoid giving long spaces or gaps between sentences.
  • Avoid speaking too fast, and make sure to give necessary pauses at commas and full stops.
  • If the test-taker does not know the answer to any question, do not panic or stress out at the time and try to stay calm.
  • Work on the pronunciation of words that are difficult to speak or have similar sounds.
  • Use an erasable notepad while retelling the lecture question and describing the image.
  • Try to speak naturally, do not fake the accent.
  • Use vowels and consonant sounds.


The PTE speaking module has five different sections are as follows.

Read Aloud

In this section, the test-taker must read aloud after hearing the beep tone. If someone speaks before hearing the beep tone, remember it does not record anything. Also, refrain from pausing for 3 seconds while speaking; otherwise, it will stop recording automatically after 3 seconds.

Repeat Sentence

After hearing the sentence, the test-taker needs to speak verbatim, and they will get 15 seconds to answer.

Describe Image

In this section, the test-taker needs to describe the displayed image within 40 seconds.

Re-tell Lecture

In this section, the test-takers scores will be based on their oral fluency and pronunciation. They need to memorize the lecture and describe it in their own words within 40 seconds. It will be better to use connector words like moreover, in view of, therefore, etc.

Answer Short Question

In this section, the test-takers scores are based on vocabulary. They must answer in one or a few words within 10 seconds and be clear while speaking.


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