Important Tips to Score High in PTE Academic Retell Lecture

The Retell Lecture is a task under PTE Academic; it consists of speaking and listening modules. The applicants will listen to the audio and retell what they heard in their language and words.

Many PTE applicants feel that the task is quite anxious and have 10 seconds to prepare before the microphones open.

PTE Retell Lecture Practice Tips

  • Take some time to listen to the lectures and summarise them as a part of your practices. Point to note: in the exam hall, you will hear the lecture one time only; the length of the lecture is between 60 to 90 seconds and it will only discuss a single topic with multiple points.
  • Remember, it is essential to grab all the information as much as you can, and also speaking properly can help you to score well.
  • Applicants need to speak as fluently as they can. In short, it means you need to sound like a native speaker and you can do this by giving attention to your pronunciation, having good knowledge of grammatical errors, focusing on your inflection and learning how often you can use filler words when you speak.
  • Do not forget to record yourself while practicing. Keep recording and talk from the beginning of the summary until you are ready to stop the recording. Just in case, you stopped speaking but the recording is going on, you can plug the recording and start the new recording and talk point to point appropriately.
  • Do practice on regular bases; take some time to do PTE speaking retell lecture practice. It will help you ensure that you are prepared for your exam when you enter the room.

PTE Retell Lecture Score Assessment

The PTE academic will judge your answer and respond on how well you have covered all the key points. The score of the PTE retell lecture is based on three criteria given below.

  • Content: In content, the applicants need to cover the key points and show the relationship between things, and include the conclusion and implications. Try to add dates and essential points that help you to score high.
  • Oral Fluency: While speaking, try to be natural and constant with appropriate phrasing. If you hesitate, repeatedly using the same line or word and falsely start speaking can put a negative effect on your scores.
  • Pronunciation: According to PTE, the applicant’s speech will be judged on the bases of how well you natively speak and will use the vowels. If your pronunciation is like a native speaker, then you can get a maximum of 5 points. Avoid copying the accent of other native speakers and be natural while responding to the lecture.

How to Crack the Retell Lecture Task in the PTE Academic Exam?

The speaking task comes under the retell lecture during the PTE academic exam. It will test applicants listening and speaking skills; however, most applicants find it quite challenging, and the applicant will be asked to respond to the lecture within 10 seconds. Point to note:  good listening skills can help you to score high on the exam. Here are some suggestions by experts on how to crack the retell lecture task in the PTE exam.

  • Take notes - In the PTE Exam hall, the examiner will provide you the erasable notepads. For your personal use, while having an exam you can write down the answers on the notepad and don’t rely on your memories. Moreover, you can use shortcuts or some short form of the lengthy words; be sure to write in an appropriate manner where you can understand your words. However, you don’t need to write down the whole sentence or the lengthy paragraphs. Just write the main keywords to help you recall the sentence.
  • Unnecessary Pauses - Point to note, it is essential to know that if you stay silent for more than 3 seconds, then the microphone will automatically stop and will not record the remaining part of your speech.
  • Always Use Connectors - As an applicant, you should always use connectors like ‘moreover’, ‘in addition’, ‘furthermore’, ‘however’, ‘besides’ etc. These words help you to connect with other words and can help you to avoid the sound of ‘aahs’ and ‘uhms’.
  • Use Templates - Using templates can effectively help you to know the basic structure for retelling the lecture and let you speak without pauses or breaks and effortlessly for the required 40 seconds.
  • Cover the Essential Points - The basic format of the content can help you to score well in the exam, and do not forget to cover key points that illustrate the relationships between the sentence and the different elements. And always remember to include a conclusion at the end of the content.

In Conclusion The retell lecture is based on how the applicant practice and how much time the applicant is giving per day as the applicant; you should practice with sample questions and can download the PTE Tutorials on your Mobile or the Android/iOS device. You can take offline PTE coaching and can do PTE practices as a self-learner.