Improve Your Score in PTE Speaking using Different Methods

Are you studying hard for the PTE Speaking test? Are you taking PTE coaching, watching PTE tutorials, and doing PTE practice, but still do not know how to score high on speaking tests? If yes, do not worry; Connect PTE is here to help you!

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) speaking test is among the most challenging. As a learner, you can not lose focus on speaking fluently without hesitation and mispronunciation. It tests your rhythm, speed, tone, and melody; a proper PTE practice can help to boost your scores.

PTE practice regularly and try to speak English whenever possible. Remember practicing regularly can increase confidence and maintain the composure to speak slowly and clearly in the PTE exam.

We will help you to score high on the test; it provides PTE coaching, gives PTE tutorials, and offers free mock tests to practice online through our website.

PTE Speaking Sections

Here are some best speaking questions that will help you to prepare for PTE speaking test.

  • PTE Speaking Section (Personal Introduction) - In this section, you need to prepare an introduction about yourself of 30 seconds, and you will be able to record it only once.
  • PTE Speaking Section (Read Aloud) - Start speaking with a rising tone and end the sentence with a falling tone to make the sentences sound authentic. If you made a mistake, do not stop and continue speaking. Make a daily routine to do speaking online PTE practice until exam day.
  • PTE Speaking Section (Repeat Sentence) - Listen to the sentence with your eyes closed and memories it. At the end of the clip, there is no beep sound, so you can start speaking directly. If you cannot remember the whole sentence, at least focus on keywords and repeat them.
  • PTE Speaking Section (Describe Image) - Start with words like depicts, elucidates, illustrate, etc. Notice whether it is a line graph, bar chart, or pie chart. Line graphs have a timeline, bar charts compare or pie charts have slices. Do not leave an incomplete recording; try to finish the sentence within 30-35 seconds.
  • PTE Speaking Section (Retell Lecture) - Catch the keywords; they will help to understand the context of the topic. In retell lecture, try to cover 4-5 sentences. Instead of using full name, you can use titles as Dr. says or the professor mentions, etc.
  • PTE Speaking Section (Answer short question) - Add articles (a, an, the) before some words; if you do not know the answer, repeat the words in the question.

Different Methods to Improve Speaking in PTE: Here are some unconventional methods through which you can slowly and steadily improve your English speaking abilities. Listen to the radio and/or podcasts regularly, watch the news and highly-rated television shows Read newspapers, magazines and books Improve your circle and try to speak in English more frequently.


Here are some tips you can follow for better PTE speaking practice. Before speaking, think gradually and strategies how you will speak in the limited time, and give the correct answers because, in a rush, you may make some mistakes. Your pronunciation needs to be proper; do not use plosive sounds and strike the right balance between enunciating correctly. Do not use casual language; the PTE exam demands advance and formal vocabulary, and you might slip into colloquial language as it is habitual. Avoid using filter words; you may take time to find the appropriate word to complete the sentence, but it would be better if you avoid the filler words like so, like, as, and, etc. It would be best if you spoke confidently, neither too slow nor too fast. While speaking, do not use unnecessary words like ‘aah’ or ‘umh’; it can pause you and have a negative effect. Try to be prepared and use proper advanced words like moreover, however, furthermore, therefore, whether, etc.


Do not get anxious on the exam day; if you are unsure about the answer, you can skip it and focus on whatever you have memorised. Overall, the PTE exam is not too challenging; many people have cleared the exam with 90/90 scores by focusing and regular practicing. You can indeed become one of them. Just in case you are not too sure about your practice or want to learn more and finding the learning pattern. You can go through Google and YouTube, then can find the best PTE tutorial or PTE coaching. Other than that our counsellors have more than 10 years of experience, and thousands of learners have practiced through our free mock tests or attended online classes and got the best scores in the PTE exam and cleared the PTE exam in one attempt. The experts are there to clear your thoughts or questions and assist you in every step till you give the exam.