Pearson PTE Announces Secure English Language Test in Egypt

Pearson, the world's leading learning company, hosted a virtual launch of its PTE SELT – Secure English Language Test at Misr University of Science and Technology in Giza. The tests are approved by the Home Office of the United Kingdom and are further used for UKVI - United Kingdom Visas and Immigration purposes.

The managing director of Pearson Middle East and Africa, Mr Ozhan Toktas, said, "Taking PTE is a seamless online experience. From booking a test up to 24 hours in advance to sitting the exam in 3 hours and getting your results back on average within 1.5 days. Most importantly, it is a true reflection of one's language ability, and we are excited that people in Egypt can now take PTE to help them come to the UK to live, work or study."

Followed by British Ambassador Sir Geoffrey Adams, who congratulated Pearson by saying, "Many congratulations to Pearson for their virtual launch for the PTE Academic UKVI, Secure English Language Test. Education truly can transform lives, so we are working at every level here in Egypt to increase access to quality education. It is great to see how Pearson has also been contributing to this cause – now, with the launch of this new test, which will help more people to gain work and student visas and access world-class education in the UK. The UK hosts the world's second-largest number of international higher education students, many of whom are Egyptian. PTE is a great addition to the options available for these students, and we look forward to further strengthening our educational partnership with Egypt."

Pearson's UKVI-approved locations are now counted to be 190 worldwide. Thanks to its new location, Egypt. The SELT tests by PTE revolve around immigration requirements, details of which are listed below:

  • PTE Academic (UKVI) is a language test consisting of four skill areas: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and listening skills. The PTE exam evaluates candidates' English proficiency based on these four skills and is accepted for work and study visas.
  • PTE Home is a language test consisting of two skill areas: Listening and Speaking. The test can be taken by people applying for family, settlement, and citizenship along with sportsperson of an international business application.

PTE Academic has made its presence in Pearson a fastest-growing product and continues to do so. The United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand governments have already accepted the PTE test for all visa applications, followed by all universities across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and 99% of the United Kingdom universities.

The United Kingdom Home Office Approves SELT Test

The United Kingdom Home Office, for the following reasons, approves secure English Language Tests:

Live: The test is for living purposes in the UK. This means you can sit for the PTE Home to validate your English skills at A1, A2, or B1 level and apply for family and settlement visas and UK citizenship.

Study: Depending on your degree, you can take PTE Academic or PTE Academic UKIV to study in the United Kingdom.  

Work: For the working purpose in the United Kingdom, you can sit for PTE Academic UKIV and apply for the following visas –worker visa, innovator visa, start-up visa, and Tier 2 minister of religion visa.

Advantages of PTE SELT Test

  • Short computer-based test: You do not have to wait to give a speaking test separately. The entire exam can be done at a PTE examination center within 2 hours.
  • Accepted all across the United Kingdom: 99% of United Kingdom universities and colleges accept the exam. The United Kingdom Home Office also approves it.
  • Fast results: The best part about the exam is that you can book your slot even at short notice and get your results within 48 hours of the test submission.

Know the Test Format

The online PTE exam is a computer-based exam taken in a secure and friendly test centre. It evaluates the candidate's proficiency in the following areas:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening


You can seek guidance from a professional PTE coaching provider to ace the exam. The expert can help you understand each part of the test thoroughly, the question types, and tips and tricks to help you perform better.

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