PTE Academic Online: An Easy Way to Test your English Proficiency

Great news! The Pearson Test of English has launched PTE Academic Online, a new remote English test for you. The test is perfect for students who are applying for an Australian (or any other country) visa as they will have to prove their English language skills for the grant of the visa.

Here is what you need to Know

You can take the PTE Academic Online test in just two hours. It is far better than giving 3-hour long written exams. The best part? You can give the exam right where you are most comfortable - at home or any other suitable location.

  • All you need to have is a good internet connection, a PC with a webcam, a wired headset, and a quiet environment. If you are expecting it to be different from the traditional PTE exam, then to your surprise, it is the same. The only difference lies in the mode of the exam – offline and online.
  • This means, in the online version, you will get the same 20 question types and with a total of 52 questions. We hope, this is clear to you. Now, let us move ahead and know more about this new launch.
  • The test is safe to take as it uses high-tech security and is overseen by an online supervisor. This means you can expect your score to be unbiased.
  • The Official Score Report you will get after the test will highlight your abilities in speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Foreign universities or workplaces, where you have applied the visa for will rely on this report as a proof of your English proficiency.

Whom is PTE Academic Online for?

If you are the one who would like to show off your English skills to study in an international university then, try the PTE Academic Online.

Is there something that is stopping you from not reaching to the test center in time to give the exam? If you are finding it difficult to give the test offline, then you are most welcome to take online PTE academic exam.

However, we would like to mention something important here that if you are aiming for visas or immigration, then you must take the PTE Academic exam at an approved center. The PTE Academic Online will not do the trick.

Why should you opt for PTE Academic Online?

The PTE Academic Online platform is easy to use. It is widely popular for being clear and fair. So, you will not just give a test but enjoy an user-friendly experience. Moreover, you can schedule your online exam in no time, and guess what? You do not have to wait for days, weeks, or even months for the results to come out. Your results will be out within two days. Isn't that awesome?

And as we have already mentioned, many universities around the world and immigration authorities accept this test for granting your visas, so you are on the right path for choosing to take this exam.

Decoding the Three Sections of the PTE Online

The first section is of Speaking and Writing, where your fluency in English and grammar is tested. So, you will be given a task where you need to introduce yourself, read a piece of text, write an essay and finish few sentences.

The second section is of Reading, where you will be tested based on how well you understand English text. You will be provided a quiz with multiple-choice questions and arranging a few jumbled paragraphs. Sounds fun, right?

The last section is listening. Here, you will be tested based on how well you understand spoken English. You will be hearing an audio that you need to summarize as per your understanding. You will also be answering a few more multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the blanks.

Final Thoughts

Looking to check how good your English is, right from the comfort of your home? PTE Academic Online is here for you! It offers a great way to test your English skills without having to worry about the quality or fairness of the results. Whether you are a student aiming to study overseas, a teacher, or just someone wanting to prove their English abilities, PTE Academic Online is your go-to solution.