PTE Essay Writing Strategies, Sample Practice and Material

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a certified test accepted worldwide for both study abroad and migration purposes; it was not much popular as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language); however, now famous universities around the world have begun to accept PTE scores. As similar to IELTS, the PTE has two types of exams, i.e., PTE Academic and PTE General, with the same sub modules (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening).

In this article, we only provide information regarding PTE essay writing strategies, guide and sample practice material that can help you enhance your essential skills and practices in an appropriate manner to score high on PTE mock essay writing test. The information given below on what are the strategies you can follow, how the guide helps and what is the sample practice material; you can find the best PTE tutorials, coaching and guidance online/offline, and you can practice on samples online/offline as much as you want.

As we all know, practice leads to perfection; the more you practice on PTE essay writing, the easier it becomes to clear your doubts, thereby increasing your chances of scoring high. Many of the students believe that PTE essay writing exam is quite challenging. Furthermore, students prefer online practices, watching YouTube videos and taking coaching classes or doing self-study. It will help manage your time while giving exam.


The strategies for PTE essay writing mock test consists of grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. You get only 20 minutes for the test in which you have to plan and manage the time for writing and proofreading. The strategies for PTE essay writing mock test are given below:

  • Identify the Type of Essay: Firstly, you need to identify what type of essay it is that can lead you to detect the argumentative variety of the test.
  • Take Some Time Before Start Writing: While reading or after reading, try to understand the essay and do not directly jump into the writing because it can cause you to lose concentration and maybe you can make some mistakes.
  • Try to Avoid Bullet Points: If you are writing the essay, remember you should not use bullet points because the appropriate structure has an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. If you follow this writing structure, you can market a good score in the PTE exam.
  • Minimize the Word Limit: In the writing task, you have a word limit of 200-250 in which you should use the appropriate para-to-para essay writing correctly.

Guide on PTE Essay Writing

The information given below guides you to prioritise the essay writing format for each and every type because as a learner, you have to be prepared for any type. The following types of essay are:

  • Argument Type
  • Discussion Type
  • Problem-solution Type
  • Opinion Type

How does Sample Practice Material help?

The sample practice material, either online or offline, depends on the learner and which one you prefer most. The sample practice material gives ideas and hints about the pattern of the exam by that you can strategise the format and practice any time according to your comfort and prepare for the final exam.


In simple words, you need to be prepared for essay writing; you can search on Google for more information regarding Free Online Practice, Free Mock tests, Offline Practice, Self-learning and many more things for easy writing. As a learner, you must have the motive to score between 57-90, and it is little challenging to achieve the highest score, but no worries you can follow the given instruction and clarify your vision.