Top Hindrances in Achieving Desired Score in PTE

The increased popularity of PTE lately has made a lot of students switch to PTE from IELTS. The Pearson Test of English is recognized by almost all the educational institutes in Australia and has become one of the most preferred English language proficiency tests taken by international students coming into Australia.

Just like any other English language proficiency test, PTE also gauges the candidates’ proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening. There is a myth prevailing that PTE is easier when compared to IELTS or other such tests, which is not the case. In reality, PTE has a different format, which may seem a little easier to certain students. Any of the tests can prove to be a cakewalk if preparations are done rightfully.

There are times when students take certain decisions wrongly, which hinder their progress and keep them from achieving their desired score in PTE. Herein, we list out some of the top factors that may be acting as a hindrance in getting the desired score in PTE.

Choosing the Wrong PTE Tutorial

Not all PTE coaching centers provide quality coaching. There are chances that the student may have chosen a PTE tutorial wrongly, either due to preference of location, lesser tuition fees or for any other reason. It is not that expensive coaching centers can guarantee success, but the criteria for choosing a good PTE coaching institute are different.

We generally suggest students to take a trial class initially and look for social media reviews of the institute. These two factors, combined, can cut out half the confusion and make it easier for students to choose the right PTE coaching institute. Reading through the positive and negative Google & Facebook reviews of the institute in question can help greatly. One may even talk to other students for feedback, if possible.

Not Practicing Enough

Another factor that may be adding up in not achieving the desired score in PTE is not practicing enough or not devoting ample time. One of the most important resources that most of the PTE coaching institutes provide is the PTE mock tests. Practicing a good number of PTE mock tests seriously can almost assure that the candidate will get the desired PTE score.

On the other hand, not taking any or fewer mock tests may result adversely. Therefore, we advise all the students to take every part of PTE coaching seriously.

Applying PTE Tips and Tricks Incorrectly

Most of the PTE coaching centers teach certain tips and tricks that help the candidates get through the exam; however, applying those PTE tips and tricks correctly matters the most.

There may be times when candidates may get confused and apply certain tricks incorrectly, which may lead to wasting of time and wrong answers. Therefore, we advise all the students to keep calm and apply the tips and tricks correctly across all the PTE modules.

Taking Everything Too Lightly or Too Seriously

Students must take PTE coaching just seriously enough, neither too seriously nor too lightly. We have seen many students take things very lightly through the course of the coaching and even a few who panic on the day of the test. The candidates must stay calm while avoiding any extreme emotion on the day of the test.

Goof-ups are easy to make, but it takes hard effort and consistency in the right direction to achieve the desired result, and so is the case with PTE exam. Just choose the best PTE Tutorial , avoid making the aforementioned mistakes, and you will be on your way to getting a good score in your PTE exam.

All the best!