Different PTE Lesson Plans for Better Preparation

In providing coaching for essential exams like PTE academic, you must provide your students with practical strategies. It becomes easier for them to prepare for the exam. However, even teaching techniques can be challenging, as there is much to cover in a limited time.  

Therefore, you must make a lesson plan for your students to give them all the strategies, tips, and tricks they need for their PTE exam preparation.

Following are some free lesson plans provided by Pearson for you to plan your PTE coaching classes smartly.

Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks from the reading and writing section of the exam involves questions where students have to use their knowledge of grammar to put in the right word in the blank provided. You can guide your students through tips and tricks on how they can shortlist options to fill in the blank and finalize one word for it. In the lesson plan provided by Pearson, students can use the example to practice the strategies they learned during preparation.

Read Aloud  

The read-aloud questions in the exam evaluate a student on his speaking and reading skills. Students are asked to read aloud the text provided with the correct pronunciation and intonation. Again, guide your students with practical strategies to improve their speaking and reading fluency. In the lesson plan provided by Pearson, students can use the example to practice the techniques they learned during preparation.  

Highlight the Right Summary 

Highlighting the summary is the question where students must listen and read simultaneously. Students will have to understand and pick the information from an audio clip they will hear about jotting down the most accurate summary they think there is. Students can use strategies to ace these questions by skimming the text provided, identifying and understanding the topic, and linking the information to find the correct answer.  

Describe the Image  

Describing an image is known to be one of the most challenging questions in the PTE exam. However, Pearson’s lesson plans have strategies that will guide your students to understand how to crack these questions easily. One such strategy is to describe the image step-by-step and understand it carefully before writing anything about it.  

Short Questions

Short questions and answers are straightforward, and your students can spend less time here. Whatever they think is the correct answer, they can jot it down. However, to write an accurate answer, they will still have to boost their reading to gain more information and a better vocabulary. In the lesson plan provided by Pearson, students can use the example to work on the strategies they have been taught during preparation.

Summarize Written Text 

In this type of question, students must implement different reading skills. Firstly, they have to pick out important information from the text and then highlight the keywords. They must ensure that the main idea is covered in the summary. In the lesson plan provided by Pearson, students can use the example to work on the strategies they have been taught during preparation, such as identifying keywords, making notes, etc.  

Multiple-choice Questions & Choose Multiple Answers

Next comes the multiple-choice questions and choosing multiple answers for a single question. Here, students with good reading skills and vocabulary will find it easier to complete the answers in time than those who are poor in reading. The reason is to pick the correct answer; students must know the exact meaning of the answers provided. One wrong pick and your students can lose marks.  

Listening: Fill in the blanks  

Last is fill in the blanks from the listening section of the exam. Here, students must use listening and writing skills to ace the answers. They will hear a recording from which they must find the missing words and answer accordingly. Here, timing is critical. Your students must keep track of the time for these questions because many students spend too much time here and are left with incomplete questions by the end.


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