Practice and Study Guide for the PTE Academic Test Course

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is a computer-based English language exam, especially designed for non-native English speakers, dreaming to study abroad, let us say, Australia. The PTE Academic has gained a lot of popularity worldwide including majority of Australian universities as well as students. Thanks to its impartial scoring methodology and prompt results. However, you need proper preparation to achieve a good score, and this is where a PTE Academic practice comes into play.

Understanding the PTE Academic Exam

PTE exam consists of four sections - speaking, writing, reading, and listening, where each of them are evaluated and you are given your scored marks. Following is a brief explanation of each section:

Speaking & Writing (77-93 minutes)

  • Personal Introduction: Your chosen institution will receive your personal details even though it is not graded.
  • Read Aloud: You will have to speak aloud from a brief text.
  • Replicate Sentence: You will have to recite a phrase that you will hear.
  • Describe Image: You will have to give a description of a screen image.
  • Retell Lecture: You will have to recount what you have heard at a lecture.
  • Respond to Brief Questions: you need to respond to brief inquiries using audio samples.
  • Writing a one-sentence summary of a written content.
  • Essay: You will have to compose an essay on a specified subject.

Reading (32-41 minutes)

  • Multiple-choice, select one response: You will have to respond to queries derived from the text.
  • You will have to respond to multiple-choice and multiple-choice questions based on passages.
  • You have to rearrange the paragraphs in a jumbled text document.
  • You have to complete a passage's missing details.
  • You will have to correct any grammatical errors in a sentence.

Listening (45-57 minutes)

  • In listening section, you will have to write summaries of audio samples in order to summarize spoken text.
  • You will have to answer questions with audio samples in a multiple-choice format allows you to select multiple responses.
  • Complete the blanks of audio recording transcripts.
  • Finding out which audio clip's summary is accurate.
  • Respond to multiple-choice questions using audio samples.
  • Select the missing word in an audio recording.
  • Recognize misspellings in a transcript.

The Importance of PTE Practice Test

Structured Learning Path

A well-designed PTE Academic practice offers a methodical approach to study better. It focuses on every test section and divides the preparation into smaller segments. This methodical technique ensures that every part of the examination is thoroughly addressed, from understanding the test structure to becoming proficient in all sections.

Targeted Practice

Targeted practice tests mimic the real exam setting for better understanding. This helps you discover and improve your weak areas and strengthen the stronger ones. Your confidence and performance on the exam day are better by consistent practice with real-world exam questions.

Time Management Skills

Time management skills is important for achieving success in the PTE exam. Time oriented practice exams are part of the practice tests allowing you to improve your ability to manage your time on the actual exam day. Having the skill of managing time ensures that you complete your exam within the allotted time so you do not face any urgency to complete it in hurry.

Expert Guidance and Feedback

PTE Academic tests are created and taught by professionals with extensive knowledge and good years of experience. These professionals provide valuable advice, helpful tips, and practical strategies that can greatly enhance your performance. This further allows you to focus on your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on them accordingly.

Comprehensive Resources

A well-designed PTE academic test provides many resources such as practice tests, study materials, sample questions, answer explanations, and much more. These resources are important for thorough preparation, allowing you to understand the PTE exam and its questions better.


Preparing for the PTE Academic exam is important yet difficult. However, with right tips and tricks, and a professional’s guidance, you can easily manage to prepare it. If you are looking for a professional who can help you with the PTE’s preparation then, Connect PTE is the right choice.

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