Essential Consideration of the PTE Academic

To hold an Australian visa, the PTE exam is a very essential exam for applicants to pass. This means that if you are migrating to complete your education or set up your career in Australia, you must take the PTE exam. A good score on the exam will decide your fate in Australia.

If you are applying for permanent residency, again, the PTE exam is very important. The candidate’s English skills and fluency is judged through the exam to ensure he can communicate well in a foreign country. However, some students think that they can ace the exam easily. 

No doubt, you can master the exam with great scores, but there is a catch here. You need the right tips and effective strategies along with a lot of hard work to crack the exam. Well, this is what we are here for. Discover essential considerations of the PTE academic to pass it with good grades.

What are the Three Main Sections of PTE Academic?

There are three main sections of the PTE academic namely: 

  • Listening Section
  • Reading Section
  • Speaking and Writing Section

These sections are quite easy and simple to get through if the student has done the preparation well. These three sections evaluate the candidate on their English proficiency. The candidate needs to cover all three sections in the provided time. Therefore, whatever score you earn in your exam will define whether you are eligible for the visa or not. 

What are the Effective Strategies to Score Well in the PTE Exam?

Improve your Vocabulary

You will understand your PTE exam questions well with a good vocabulary. Students who are not good with English words often find it difficult to crack the exam. Therefore, ensure you are familiar with English words and phrases for a better understanding of the questions. You can follow the enlisted strategies to obtain a good hold of the vocabulary:

  • Read newspapers, magazines, and books regularly. Make a habit of learning at least two words daily and know their meaning. It will help you enhance your overall vocabulary.
  • The next ideal thing you can do is to buy a dictionary. Keep it handy wherever you go so that when you come across a new word, you can know its meaning and learn it too.  

Improve your Listening 

The students hear American and British English during the listening section of the PTE exam. It is a huge task to understand and quickly respond. What you can do best here is, to start watching English documentaries in the respective languages. Listening to msuic and podcasts will also help. You will be familiar with the slang and tone of the English used by the British and Americans.

Improve your Writing 

Students are asked to summarize the given text or passage and brief it down. Following are some of the best hacks enlisted for you to ace the writing section:

  • Abide by the guidelines provided for the passage writing.
  • Write within the word limit provided.
  • Understand what is asked and then, answer.  
  • Do not use jargon throughout the exam.
  • Passage writing does not involve bullet points therefore, avoid using them.

Improve your Reading 

The last section involves questions like multiple-choice questions, choosing multiple answers, fill-in-the-blanks, reordering sentences, etc. Look at the following strategies to score well in the reading section:

  • Spend less time on all the questions. Too much time can leave you with no time to complete the exam.
  • Skim the words you find appropriate for fill-in-the-blanks or multiple-choice questions.
  • With a good vocabulary, your grammar will be good too. Therefore, good grammar and vocabulary will earn you a good score.
  • Practice using identical words in the paragraph.

What is the Process for the PTE Academic?

To give the PTE exam, you need to register yourself. The process of registration is as follows:

  • Create an Account: you are required to create an account via email and password. After you have created your account, you will receive a confirmation of your registration in your provided email.
  • Begin Preparation: once your account is created and you have registered with PTE, start preparing for the exam. The more you practice, the better. You can seek help from a professional PTE coaching provider to prepare better.
  • Carry your Essentials: your exam day is here and you must carry all your essentials i.e., identity proofs. Next, you must abide by all the rules and regulations laid down by the PTE exam centers. Giving such an important exam can make you nervous therefore keep calm. With a relaxed mind, you can score well. 
  • At last, comes the result. Be patient and confident enough to score well. You can expect your PTE result within a few working days. 


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