Free PTE Mock Tests: The Key to Conquering Exams or a Time-Wasting Trap?

If you are about to take the PTE exam - Pearson Test of English, you are most likely to prepare yourself for it. While there are various ways to prepare for the PTE exam, one prominent yet effective way is to take a free PTE mock test. Mock tests are quite a helpful tool when it comes to preparing for the exam.

In the following article, we will consider the pros and cons of mock tests before taking it.

What is a Free Mock Test?

A mock test is a practice exam specially created to simulate the actual exam experience. Its main aim is to give a sense of the real exam to students so that they can know their strength and weak points. Accordingly, preparation for the exam can take a lead.

There are two different types of mock tests for the PTE: official and non-official. Pearson only conducts the official mock test, while various online platforms offer non-official mock tests. Under non-official mock test, you can find both free and paid options to choose from.

Pros of Using a Free PTE Mock Test

1. Free of Cost

The most obvious benefit of taking a PTE mock test is that it is completely free of cost. Although, you have paid options available too but, why would someone pay for a test which is also available free. And most importantly, if your exam needs are satisfied with the free mock test then, there is no need to go for the paid one.

2. Familiarisation with the PTE Exam Format

The next advantage of taking a free PTE mock test is that you become familiar with the exam’s format and structure. You can easily note down the types of questions asked, number of questions, format, overall structure, and more. It will help you a lot in preparing for your PTE exam. You do not have to randomly just learn everything but, the way and types of questions are asked.  Mock tests also help you manage your time wisely.

3. Practice and Improvement as a Preparation Strategy

By taking a free PTE mock test, you can practice your skills and identify you strong and weak areas that needs to improve. This is very helpful in regards to prepare well and understand the mistakes being made. So, you do not make them again and do your exam well. Moreover, you can take mock tests for as many times as you want and keep your preparation on point.

Cons of Using a Free PTE Mock Test

1. Corrected by Non-Official AI Systems

One of the major disadvantages of taking a free PTE mock test is that it has AI system for corrections. This means, the answer checking system is not the same as the one used in the actual PTE exam. Therefore, your result will not be as accurate as it should be. It can provide you false hope and might overlook your mistakes while evaluating.  Overall, it can hinder your preparation.

2. No Personalized Feedback

Yes, it is certain that a free PTE mock test can give the students a picture of how well they are doing, but they cannot get a personalized feedback on their performance. However, if you purchase a non-official paid mock test, you have the chances of receiving a personalized feedback from a professional, which is otherwise not available with a free mock test.

3. Unnecessary anxiety and worries

As we have already discussed, that due to mock tests’ AI correction system, the results cannot be blindly trusted. This can in turn cause anxiety and stress in students. Especially the tasks, which were prepared well, can also earn unexpectedly less score. where you may have performed well but were marked incorrectly in the mock test.

Follow these steps to make better use of a free PTE mock test.

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