PTE Exam: Challenges, Tips to Overcome Them

Preparing for a test and giving it is a daunting yet never-ending process for all students. The pressure of scoring good marks, passing the result, and standing up to the expectations of dear ones makes it difficult for the students to prepare for the PTE exam with peace of mind.

PTE is one such exam. It is the best way to migrate to Australia for better studies and work opportunities. However, preparing for the PTE exam comes with many challenges that students find difficult to cope with.

If you are a student preparing for the PTE, read on. The blog will teach you about different challenges and how to overcome them to score well.

Challenging Section of the PTE Exam

The PTE Exam includes the following three sections:

  • Speaking & writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

The PTE reading section is the most challenging part of the PTE exam. The PTE reading section evaluates students’ proficiency in reading and understanding English.

There are different types of questions in the section, out of which many students leave questions considering the difficulty level of the questions. Thus, they score less on their reading proficiency test.

The questions are included in the respective section, and tips to prepare them easily.

Single Answer Multiple Choice Questions

The question consists of 300 words, and students must read and understand them to pick the correct answers from the provided options. You have to complete the questions considering the time given. It takes approximately 3 minutes to read, understand, and provide an answer to each question.

Tips to Prepare

  • Always go through the questions before reading the passage. This will help you to find the answers better and focus on the message it is delivering.
  • Read the passage without distraction from your surroundings.
  • Ensure time management. Only spend a little bit of time on one question.

Multiple Answer Multiple Choice Questions

You will find the same pattern for these questions; the only difference is the type. Choose more than one answer from the provided options. Here, the questions are much trickier and more complex than the former.

Tips to prepare

  • Be attentive and read your questions carefully.
  • Again, always go through the questions before reading the passage.
  • Only spend a little bit of time on one question.

Rearrange Paragraphs

Here, you will have to rearrange passages provided to you in jumbled form. In other words, you need to rearrange text from random to a logical order.

Tips to prepare

  • Be attentive toward components – adjectives, nouns, pronouns, and phrases. It will be easier for you to rearrange the text.
  • Find the text that makes a sentence to move it in the right direction.
  • Try to finish rearranging by a maximum of 4 minutes.

Fill in the Blanks

Here you have to fill in a word depending on the text provided. You can find the appropriate word from the options and fill it in the space.

Tips to prepare

  • Read carefully. Understand what is written and what could be the word to fill in the blank.
  • Similarly, understand the words before filling in the blank.
  • After filling in the word, read the entire sentence to ensure it makes the proper sense.

Common Challenges Faced by PTE Exam Students

Crowd Nervousness

Although you can give your PTE exam online, the traditional way of giving the exam- in PTE centres still exists. When giving exams in centres, it can be hectic for students to give the test. If that is the case, you must keep yourself calm and remember that you are not alone and not less than anyone is. Have peace of mind and focus on your test than your surroundings. It will benefit you in scoring good marks.

Time Management

The PTE exam consists of three sections with different times to complete them. Knowing there is a set time for each part and you have to complete the exam within that time can put you under a lot of pressure. Prepare yourself accordingly by spending only a little bit of time on questions. It will help you manage your time efficiently.

Tips to Overcome PTE Exam Stress

Know the Test Format

Knowing your PTE exam format is the first thing you should know before even starting its preparation. Have a thorough understanding of the different sections and their questions. It will help you to score your desired grades and help you achieve your dream of studying at one of the world-class universities in Australia.

Understand the Exam Environment

As discussed above, if you are giving PTE exam in the centre, it might be overwhelming with everyone around. The exam environment can be chaotic and intimidating, especially when giving the speaking test. Therefore, to overcome such situations, practice speaking with some people around you to have the confidence to speak in front of everyone.

Practice a Lot

Practice makes a man perfect; practice as much as possible to give your best during your PTE exam. There are many PTE practice exams available online. Give them frequently and assure yourself of scoring good grades.


Preparation for the PTE exam is quite complicated, but it is the best option for students who wish to complete their graduation or post-graduation from Australia.

Consider the tips mentioned in the blog to prepare well for the exam. You can be assured of scoring good marks in your PTE. You may seek help from a good PTE coaching provider near you for guidance.