Pearson Test of English, or more commonly known as PTE, is one of the most common English language proficiency tests taken by students and professionals visiting Australia. Whether a student is going on a study visa or any other individual going for work, marriage or any other purpose, except leisure holidays, they ought to take the English language proficiency test; it’s a mandate.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in number of people taking PTE instead of the IELTS. This is one of the reasons that number of top PTE coaching centres has also increased across major cities of Australia.

Well, every test-taker’s dream is of scoring the highest possible marks in the test, and this stands true for PTE too. While a score of 79 in PTE is sufficient for most of the cases and requirements, takers always desire to achieve higher. Though there is no fixed formula to crack PTE exam with perfect 90, there surely are some tips and tricks that can help you get that perfect score. Here are some of the tips that can prove to be helpful in achieving an overall score of 90 in PTE.

Do Not Bypass Coaching

When it comes to scoring high in PTE, one cannot afford to bypass coaching, for it is one of the prime barriers to cross in order to know how PTE looks like.

Taking PTE coaching introduces you to the test, modules and teaches the best practices to attempt different sections. Understanding English well alone cannot guarantee great results, but knowing English well and taking coaching definitely can.

Therefore, make sure you take PTE coaching if you have to score great.

Choose Your Coaching Institute/Teacher Wisely

As mentioned earlier, a lot of PTE coaching centres cropped up ever since PTE got popular. With so many institutions around, the confusion is bound to prevail, making it difficult for anyone to choose the best PTE coaching institute easily.

Well, as social media reviews play a critical role, the same can help you choose the best PTE coaching centre in your area. Of course, you need to consider your pocket, but make sure you take trial classes from at least 3-5 providers before finalizing one.

Also keep an eye on the inclusions of the coaching and compare which institute offers better services.

Work on Your Strengths and Weaknesses

If you have to score full in PTE, working only on the weaknesses may not be enough. There is a whole bunch of overconfident students out there who prepare only for their weaker areas, while leaving the stronger ones untouched.

Working on both weaker and stronger areas of every module equally will help you take that extra leap which otherwise would not have been possible. Therefore, it is highly recommended to work on your strengths equally as your weaknesses.

Practice as Many Mock Tests as Possible

Mock tests are the key to success and can help you score a perfect 90 in PTE. Practice as many mock tests as possible and attend as many group sessions as possible.

Scoring high in mock tests nearly guarantees that you’ll get a high score on the final test too!

Try Again, if Required

Well, there are 50-50 chances that you score perfect 90 in your PTE or not, you don’t have to lose hope at any point in time. They say that shoot for the stars, you’ll end up hitting the moon at least! So, if you do not get the desired result of 90, give it a try again; work on your mistakes and give it your best shot.

Well, you’ll agree that nothing guarantees an overall score of 90 in PTE, there are takers who have done it in the past, and so can you! Go for it!