Increase Your Typing Speed and Improve PTE Writing Score

In the PTE Writing test, candidates' typing speed matters a lot. The PTE Academic is a computer-based test; candidates need to be familiar with using a computer and able to type accurately and quickly. Doing PTE practice online, taking PTE coaching and watching PTE tutorials regularly can help score high in the test.

For this test, the average typing speed required by any person is between 25-30 words per minute. The minimum typing speed can be 15-20 words per minute to complete the writing tasks. The maximum typing speed depends on the candidate's level of PTE practice online. It means the candidate can complete the PTE writing task in time without difficulty.

In the PTE writing test, candidates have 20 minutes to complete the test and frame an answer in between 200-300 words, but most candidates prefer to write in between 250-280 words and can easily manage their time in the exam.

Firstly, let's identify the ideal speed for writing tasks. The candidate has 20 minutes to write between 200-300 words. Suppose, as a candidate; you have 20 minutes to complete the writing task and keep aside 5 minutes for proofreading and editing. Now you have 15 minutes to complete the writing section.

For scoring high on the writing task, candidates' speed of 30-35 words per minute will not be enough. Many other factors are essential, like writing form, content, discourse, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Candidates can take PTE coaching classes for improvement, watch PTE tutorial or practice PTE tests independently.

The PTE writing task mainly contains three components where candidates' typing speed comes into play.      

  • Essay writing task (writing section)
  • Summarise written text (writing section)    
  • Summarise written text (listening section)

In all three components, candidates have a limited time to write down the answer. The essay writing section takes more time to type the answer, and candidates need to speed up their typing speed to complete the task on time.

Practice online through a sample mock test. The test is based on the previous PTE exam, and the candidate can follow the time pattern given on the sample mock test. Attempted many sample mock tests to increase the typing speed for the writing test.

How to Improve Typing Speed?

Take an online typing speed test to measure the abilities, whether the candidate is a fast or slow typist. The average typing speed of any person is between 25-30 words per minute. If the candidate’s typing speed is below average, use the following typing tips to improve the typing speed.

  • Use All Fingers - To improve the typing speed, candidates need to learn the correct finger placement when using a keyboard and keep the index finger on the F and J keys. Focus on maintaining the proper finger placement. At first, the speed might be slow but do not worry; practice regularly for better improvement. Please note, do not look at the keyboard while typing.

  • Typing Practice - Candidates can improve their typing speed by practicing daily. Make it a daily routine to use the computer for 30 minutes to 1 hour to practice typing speed. It helps to become a touch typist, where the candidate can type without even looking at the keyboard and the finger can take control of the keys automatically.
  • Avoid Looking at Keyboard - Candidates should avoid looking at the keyboard. Candidates must see the screen while typing because if candidates keep looking at the keyboard, it might lead to more errors. It will take much time for proofreading and editing.

  • PTE Practice Online - Do PTE practice online regularly and intelligently to improve typing speed. Candidates can practice on mock sample tests to better understand the writing test pattern and identify how to manage the time on the exam.
  • Correct Writing Pattern - In essay writing, candidates need a pattern to write in a proper format with a word limit of 200 - 300 words per minute. While writing the essay, do remember to write correctly, like using the appropriate form of punctuation, checking spelling, checking grammar and proofreading.

  • Do not Skip Questions - Try to attempt all the questions properly because skipping one or two questions can consume more time. The candidate focuses on writing those answers and cannot get enough time to proofread and edit the essay.

  • Work on Listening Skills - In the writing task, candidates’ listening skills play an essential role. In case the candidate is not able to listen to the audio correctly, then how can they are going to type appropriately or complete their writing test? To avoid this situation, work on listening also.

At the End

The PTE writing test demands attention, and PTE practice online regularly to increase candidates' typing speed and overcome time management issues. Try to use all ten fingers to learn typing hack and learn the ideal arm position. To get familiar with the exam pattern, do PTE practice online, take PTE coaching and watch PTE tutorials to improve the typing speed.