PTE Writing Module -Things You Need to Know About

Practising for the Writing module of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) but do not know how to score high on this module? Do not worry; you need to learn about some things which help in scoring high on the PTE exam. Especially in this PTE writing module, you need to work on grammar, sentence formatting, analyse the task topics, recognise keywords, etc.

There are some tips and tricks you need to learn while practising for the writing modules; you must practise through mock tests to understand the PTE test format because your written answers will be evaluated according to the given questions in the PTE exam.

Tips and Tricks

The writing module has two sub-sections (Summarise Written Text and Essay); check below to learn about tips and tricks for these sections.

Summarise Written Text

  • In this section, you need to summarise the passage in a single sentence within 10 minutes using semicolons and commas, but only one full stop is allowed in the sentence.
  • You can include the main points from the given paragraphs to make the summary clear and get the option to cut, copy and paste the text.
  • If you have a strong vocabulary and grammar, you can get 90 out of 90, but if you have an average, you can expect to score around 73.
  • Avoid writing long sentences because the scoring algorithms may not evaluate long sentences with great accuracy, so complete sentences between 35-45 words.
  • While writing the summary, avoid using I, me, we, etc. Write in the form of a third person.
  • Concentrate on the last paragraph because it contains the summary of the text.
  • The nouns and starting words will be capitalized in the sentence.
  • Punctuation must be correct.
  • Only write examples if asked.


  • In this section, you will get 20 minutes to finish the given topic between 200-300 words, and your written essay will be judged on grammar, vocabulary, coherence and written discourse.
  • While writing the essay, try to write between 200-300 words. You may score less if you write less or more than this word limit.
  • Avoid repeating the words or sentences and stay neutral while writing; you can also cut, copy and paste the text.
  • Set the writing format for the essay, whether it is a problem solution, advantages-disadvantages, opinion essay, etc.
  • Be mindful of the grammar, spelling and plurals.
  • Follow the writing pattern of the essay; the first paragraph will be an introduction, the second-third paragraph will be a body and the last paragraph will be a conclusion.
  • To strengthen the essay, provide reasons, examples and statistics in the body paragraphs.


The tips and tricks above may lead you to score high on the writing module and also do daily practice on mock sample tests to strengthen your speed and understand the writing pattern of the test. It is essential to understand the basics of the modules to perform better in the exam hall. As we all know, the PTE exam is a 3-hour computer-based exam, and the computer-automated scoring system calculates the marks. You can take online and offline coaching while preparing for PTE.

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