Why PTE for Australia?

Did you know if you score well in your PTE exam or Pearson Test of English, you could enjoy endless opportunities within Australia? However, have you ever wonder why PTE is preferred over IELTS?

It is not like IELTS is not considered as an essential exam, it is still perceived as the same. Thousands of universities and colleges across the nation accepts the score of IELTS as well as PTE. Then why PTE has topped IELTS exam all of a sudden especially in Australia?

We have the answer for you keep reading.

PTE for Australia!

PTE or Pearson Test of English includes four different sections, especially designed to evaluate the speaking, writing, listening, and reading proficiency of a non-native speaker. If you are next in line to settle, study, or work in a country with English as its native language, you need to attain a desired score for the PTE exam to prove your ability in speaking the English well.

Why PTE for Australia?

IELTS and TOEFL are the most common exams to be considered as alternatives of PTE. Although, all the three exams have the same concept and purpose, it can be difficult for the students to choose one. But, if you ask us, we will suggest to go for TE as it is the most preferred and prioritized exam across Australia. In other words, you can say that PTE exam is specifically designed for international students migrating to Australia.

You need to register yourself for the exam first, prepare for it, and pass with an average required score to be eligible for the visa. You still be wondering, why PTE for Australia? We have all the possible responses for it. Keep reading to know more.

DHA and all Australian Universities accepts PTE

What if we tell you that the exam you just gave is only accepted in some unviersities excluding the ones you personally wish to study in? Of course, it will break your hear, and dream too. With PTE, you can choose to study in whichever university across Australia because the Department of Home & Affairs and all Australian universities accept the PTE exam’s score.

In addition, the Department of Home & Affairs accepts the PTE score for all the mentioned visa categories. Regardless of you migrating to the country for study, work, residence purpose, your PTE score will be completely valid. This means, you can apply for any Australian visa with PTE. It’s a win-win situation overall.

The PTE exam offers a sense of relaxation, as you do not have to worry about your score in any sense. You can be assured of getting in your choice of education centre and explore the beautiful and rich cultured country with your own eyes. All you need to have is the required minimum score.

PTE is a Convenient Exam

The next most relevant factor that makes it top other English proficiency exams is that it is highly convenient. By convenient we mean, it is a fully automated and computerized exam that only lasts for 2 hours. You do not have to write anything manually nor do you have to put in extra efforts. Whatever you have to do, it will be all done online. In addition, because it is online, the authenticity of your score increases thus, making it the most convenient exams of all.

It is Easy to Prepare & Score Well in PTE Exam

Unlike other tests, PTE is considered easy to prepare and ace the exam. All you have to ensure is a thorough preparation. You can give mock tests available online, practice the list of questions for each sections, and revise everything regularly.

Did you know, you can still give the PTE exam if you register for it a day before the exam day. Yes, you can. Isn’t it cool? Moreover, you can give the exam at any time of the year which unlikely in other exams. Results of the same can be expected within 7 working days.

Ending Notes

Australia is a beautiful country and usually tops everyone’s list of countries to migrate to. It has beautiful surroundings with rich culture and endless opportunities. Do not limit yourself by giving any other exam but PTE. You will make a wise decision for yourself if chosen PTE for Australia.

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