Nurses Seeking Work in the United States Can Take the PTE Exam

Pearson is the world’s top-notch learning company. It recently announced that people worldwide seeking to study and take up nursing as their career in the United States can now take the PTE exam or the Pearson Test of English Academic.

The HRSA - Health Resources & Services Administration of the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States, has also considered and approved PTE for overseas healthcare workers.  

With that being said, people who wish to work in the United States in the following non-physician health professional areas –

  • Registered nurses.
  • Licensed practical nurses.
  • Vocation nurses.
  • Clinical technicians.
  • Medical technicians are now allowed to take the PTE academic exam.

What is the PTE Exam?

The PTE Academic exam tests the candidate’s English proficiency for study and work visas. The exam is widely accepted by the governments of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, along with 3000 universities and colleges worldwide.

The test requires two hours to complete, results of which can be expected within 48 hours. The test questions are very smart and tricky to solve. No matter how fluent you are in English or have scored well earlier, the exam can be challenging. Therefore, it is best advised to take help from professional PTE coaching providers.

The Good News! Nurses Can Take PTE for Work in the USA

The president of Pearson, Giovanni Giovannelli, said, “We know there is a huge demand for nurses worldwide, with an estimated near-three million overseas healthcare workers in the United States.” He continued, “We also know the United States is a highly sought-after destination for foreign health workers worldwide, including from the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Mexico.”

Lastly, he ended up saying, “With this in mind, we are delighted that PTE Academic has been added as a recognized English Language test by HRSA, helping us boost this vital profession by offering a new testing option for nurses who want to further their career in the USA.”

The PTE Academic has also been included in CGFNS International’s (an immigration-neutral) system for approval. It is a nonprofit organization that helps overseas healthcare professionals to stay and work in their preferred country after their academic abilities have been thoroughly assessed.

Furthermore, the United States Boards of Nursing will use the PTE exam to recognize it for licensure purposes.

Healthcare workers from all across the globe can take the PTE exam in one of the 87 exam centres in the United States of America or can choose from 380 centres in 115 countries. 

The PTE exam is also widely accepted by various medical agencies such as –

  • The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – AHPRA
  • The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council – ANMAC
  • The Graduate Entry Medical School Admissions System – GEMSAS

Australia has opened gates for healthcare professionals with changes in visas, where skilled migrants have unique ways to apply for permanent residency in the country.

Among Australia’s leading employing industries is the healthcare and social assistance industry, which is predicted to touch 2 million employees in the country by the end of 2025. This has laid down many working opportunities for healthcare professionals.

The PTE Exam is The New Normal for Healthcare Professionals

The PTE exam has become the new normal for nurses and other healthcare professionals seeking new opportunities to stay and work in the United States. They get a chance to boost their career within their respective fields and make the most of it.

It is rightly said that the PTE exam is an essential ingredient in allowing nurses to earn permanent residency. All credit goes to the Australian government, making PTE scores necessary for work visas and migration processes.

Many healthcare professional bodies have also recognized the PTE exam as one of the main criteria for work purposes. With all the acceptance and recognition worldwide, PTE Academic will continue expanding with healthcare bodies in Australia and other countries.


The future of the PTE exam holds recognition and acceptance from more healthcare bodies so that it continues to facilitate exciting adventures and bring life-changing opportunities for young and old working professionals.

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