Paving the Path for Ukrainian Skilled Refugees

Did you know Talent Beyond Boundaries and Pearson are providing free English tests to all refugees from Ukraine and beyond? The aim is to offer them an opportunity to resume their career and start a new life in a new country.

More than 600 refugees across the globe are going to enjoy benefits from this merger. The merger provides about 300 free tests to refugees and the rest at a discounted price for the first three years.

Pearson’s President, Gio Giovanelli, of English Language Learning, says, “Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine, and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan last year, are stark reminders that refugees need solutions – now more than ever.”

He continued, “Refugees have skills and a desire to work and would be a valuable asset to a company and community if given the opportunity to migrate for work.”

Followed by, “A test of English costing GBP 180 can be a barrier to applying for a work visa. We want to make the pathway as easy as possible for these people during their time of crisis.”

Chief Executive Officer of Talent Beyond Boundaries, Stephanie Cousins, says, “Many governments are embracing connecting refugees to meaningful work in their field.”

She added, "So far, we've launched displaced talent visa programs with Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom governments.”

“Together, these programs will provide safe migration pathways for thousands of refugees over the coming years.”

“We're so grateful to private sector partners like Pearson for stepping up to support these programs.

She said, “We believe this collaborative approach is the fastest and best route to a more equitable system, one that extends life-changing work and migration opportunities to displaced people everywhere.”

Talent Beyond Boundaries has made its presence known as the first organization across the world to focus on introducing talent mobility for refugees as a supportive solution to traditional humanitarian resettlement.

Therefore, if you are or know someone who was affected by the crisis in Ukraine or anywhere across the world, you can apply for the test on the Talent Catalog. After registering, you will be counted in for overseas employment and skilled worker visas.

The Pearson Test of English Academic

Pearson Test of English Academic, also abbreviated as the PTE Academic, evaluates the English proficiency of people migrating for study or work purposes in Australia. The test is mandatory for the successful process of your visa. It is widely accepted by the United Kingdom, Australian, and New Zealand universities and governments, along with more than 3000 universities across the world. It is a computer-based test which requires 2 hours of sitting, of which results are provided within 48 hours.

Sections of the PTE Exam

The PTE exam involves three main sections, which are easy and simple to cover with the proper preparation. The candidate’s English proficiency is evaluated based on his score on the exam. The sections are as follows:

• Listening Section

• Reading Section

• Speaking and Writing Section

There is a fixed time for all the sections within which the candidate has to complete the exam. The quality of the answers will determine what grade should be given, which will further tell if the candidate is eligible for the visa application.

The reason is that even if you have all the documents and are qualified to apply for a visa in Australia based on them, you still need to take the PTE exam to complete the visa application process. It is one of the essential requirements for Australian visas.

The Final Words

The initiative by Pearson and Talent Beyond Boundaries has shown light to skilled Ukrainian refugees to rebuild their life from scratch. The test is easy to crack; all you need is the right tips and tricks for preparation.

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