PTE Listening: Tips for Acing Highlight Incorrect Words Easily

Students planning to study abroad in a university with English proficiency as an essential requirement, Pearson Test of English or PTE is an English Language test is mandatory for them to pursue. The PTE exam evaluate the candidates on the following four skills:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking.

You will be surprised to know the number of universities across Australia that accepts PTE scores for all the international students migrating to study in one of their universities. The vast acceptance of all students for the PTE has encouraged its popularity.

To give you a figure, PTE exam is now accepted by 3000 and above universities or education centers along with some popular countries like Australia and the United Kingdom for student visas.

PTE Listening Section

Here, we will discuss about the PTE listening section, which is specially curated to evaluate an individual’s ability to understand spoken English and communicate in it fluently.

Candidates are provided with audio or video clips during this section, based on which they present their answers. The listening section of the exam lasts for 30-43 minutes and consists of eight different question types.

Seven Tips for Acing Highlight Incorrect Words Easily

Out of eight different question types in the listening section of the PTE exam, one of the question includes ‘highlight incorrect words.’ Here the candidates will see a transcript of a recording appearing on their screens.

The candidates have to listen to the recording playing on their screens carefully and highlight the text, which are incorrect or different from the recording. It may sound difficult to you however; you can be relaxed as with a little bit of planning, preparation and correct execution, you can master this question.

The following are a few our essential yet workable tips to ace this section of the exam:

Listen to English as much as Possible

The more you listen to something, the more it is stuck in your mind. Similarly, the more you practice listening to English, the more familiar you will become with the various pronunciations and tone of the language. You will be at ease in finding incorrect words the moment you hear them. For instance, you can listen to English news broadcasts, podcasts, music, watch movies, and try to understand what is being said.

Take Notes

While you are listening to the recording, you can make notes of important or complex words and later find their meanings to understand better. This will help you to attain a keen focus on hearing and will ease the way for you to answer in the exam.

Use the Process of Elimination

If you are not sure of the correct word, you can use the process of elimination i.e., you can eliminate the options you think are not valid. This way, you can easily find the answers, which are correct for the question type.

Pay Attention to Context

You can get a clue about the correct word or phrase through the context of the recording. For instance, if the recording is about a certain topic, you can use your expertise on that topic to know the correct word.

Practice with Sample Recordings

You must get your hands on sample recordings and practice questions available online. This will help you to know the format of the task better and to improve your listening skills.

Keep a Calm and Relaxed Mind While Listening

You must relax while listening to the recording and keep away from stress.

Focus on Time Management

You will get limited time to complete your listening section’s questions. Therefore, keep a track of the time and do not rush to answer. Many times students who give answers in a rush, fails to score well.


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