Tips to Improve PTE Speaking Scores in ‘Answer Short Questions’

The ‘Answer Short Questions’ task of the PTE speaking module assesses a candidate’s listening/speaking skills and abilities. It is a short audio recording of 9 seconds that plays questions (10-12), and the candidates should answer in a few words within 10 seconds.

Pearson started including videos and images as questions. For example, a candidate will see the map in the form of a question and ask for specific details, such as in which block the general store is located.

The Answer Short Question task requires complete concentration, along with the other tasks that test the speaking skills of the candidates.

As soon as the audio stops, the status changes to ‘recording’. A candidate should start speaking immediately because there will be no beep sound. If one stays silent for over 3 seconds, the status will change to ‘completed’, and one can lose their marks.

Daily practice of listening in English and practising through the mock test can help Answer Short Question tasks and other sections of PTE Academic. We recommend Connect PTE - one of the best PTE coaching providers.

Tips & Tricks

Follow the PTE tips and tricks below to score high for the PTE task.

  • Listen Carefully (Keep Ears Open)
  • Be Fast and Accurate
  • Try to Cover All Questions
  • Avoid Overthinking
  • Work on Grammar
  • Strengthen Vocabulary


This task is one of the most accessible question types in the PTE exam, but a candidate still makes silly mistakes and loses marks. Follow these steps below to make the PTE task simple.

  • Stay Calm - The candidate makes mistakes while taking exams, complicates things under stress, even if the questions depend on everyday life and work, and carries the simplest answer. So the candidate needs to be calm and efficient.
  • Do Not Overthink - Overthinking can affect the score! A candidate overthinks and applies complex reason to simple questions. As an outcome, they end up giving wrong answers.
  • Stay Focused - In this task, 10-12 questions come with no break. So the candidate needs to be focused on answering the questions. People answer well in the beginning, but after the 7th or 8th question, they lose focus. Try to avoid this and do a fresh starting after each question.
  • Create Image in Mind - One of the helpful techniques we recommend to candidates; try to focus and create an image describing the question and then answer.
  • Focus on One Thing at One Time - The audio or a video plays for a short time, and the candidate has to answer in a word or few. Try to listen carefully and then focus on the answer.
  • Talk Straight - Do not elaborate or explain the answer; one word or a few will suffice as a short answer type question. It also helps to save time in this task to answer point to point.
  • Try to Save Time - Try to answer the question as soon as the audio ends and save the time to focus on other sections as well.
  • Practice on PTE Mock Test - Practice makes perfection, right? A candidate must practice a lot before appearing at the exam center. These mock tests can polish the candidate’s learning and knowledge. Connect PTE provides a free mock test that follows the exam pattern. A candidate becomes more familiar with many things. The more they practice, the more they polish and improve their final exam performance and scores.


Try implementing the tips and steps mentioned above in the PTE Answer Short Question task, and one will automatically perform better. If still not sure related to the PTE exam, then one can contact Connect PTE. It is a website helping thousands of learners to achieve high scores on the first attempt. One can practise through their free mock test, and the instructor may assist in other PTE exam sections.

Good Luck!