Helpful Tips to Ace the PTE Speaking Module

PTE Speaking plays an important role in the PTE test, and many test takers find it challenging to score better in this section. Are you one of them? Do you also feel you need more practice or better strategies to ace PTE Speaking? You are at the right place.

We have jotted down preparation methods and useful tips and techniques for you to excel in your PTE test. So, bid a goodbye to struggle with getting high scores in the PTE Speaking. But, before we learn PTE Speaking tips, let us familiarize with the PTE speaking test format.

First things first, your speaking test will be evaluated through five different tasks, and your scores will be determined based on how well you overall do i.e., interpret and articulate sentences. The speaking exam usually takes approximately 54-65 minutes to complete.

Practice Tips for a High Score in the PTE Speaking Module

If you are feeling confident about your speaking abilities, then you do not have to worry much. All you need is just a little practice. Speaking of which, the speaking section of the PTE Test can be little challenging and this is where these handy tips will come to your rescue.

Record Your Speech in English and Review for Pronunciation: The best way to improve your speaking score is by recording your speech and listening to it to identify any errors or mistakes. This practice method will increase your confidence and improve your fluency when speaking.

Avoid Unnecessary Fillers: Fillers such as "umm", "uhh", and "ahh" show a lack of efficiency when delivering speech. Make sure to avoid using these fillers during your speaking test. Also, ensure you are not using any extra words that are not mentioned in the given text.

Do not Attempt to Imitate Accents: It is understood that native speakers from different English-speaking countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia will have unique accents. Trying to mimic these specific accents may make your speech sound unnatural and hinder your ability to pronounce difficult words in the same manner. So, why take the risk? It is best advised to sound confident and authentic in your own style.

Focus on pronunciation: Incorrect pronunciation can cost you marks, so it is important to work on your pronunciation skills during your PTE practice sessions.

Maintain a normal pace: Avoid speaking too fast or too slow. Aim for an average pace that feels smooth and natural, while showing that you are confidant. It is also important to speak loudly and clearly to effectively present your ideas.

Keep going even if you make a mistake: Do not let mistakes discourage you. If you stumble, simply move on to the next word with confidence. This way, you will not miss the rest of the text. Remember that the microphone will turn off if you do not speak for more than 3 seconds.

Utilize online tools for practice: Take advantage of all the PTE speaking practice materials available online. They can help improve your overall fluency. On the other hand, you can listen to news channels, podcasts, and TedTalks to learn from native speakers and observe how they deliver their speeches.

Optimize your time: Before starting a read-aloud task, take some time to prepare yourself. Make the most of the opportunity to identify challenging words in the text and practice their pronunciation.

Emphasize important words: Certain words hold more weight in a sentence. Always make an effort to locate these words in the text and stress them while speaking. Pay attention to punctuation, such as commas and other symbols, and take appropriate pauses when necessary.

Avoid excessive details: Lastly, when describing an image, it is unnecessary to mention every single detail present. So, focus on highlighting the significant objects within the picture and emphasize on the relevancy only.

Final Words

The PTE speaking test might seem challenging especially, if you are non-native English speaker. However, with practice and determination, it will be easier for you to excel in the PTE speaking exam.

All you have to do is avoid underestimating the importance of practicing and being too confident, as it could result in lower scores. Instead, make sure to improve your skills by engaging in repetitive speaking practice sessions.

For further information and detailed guidance, get in touch with Connect PTE’s experts. Allow us to help you score better!