Hurdles You Need To Overcome To Achieve a Desired PTE Score

PTE is a well-known academic exam among many foreign universities. The applicant’s English proficiency is evaluated through the test. The following blog will discuss hurdles that stop students from achieving their desired PTE score.

Hurdles to Overcome in PTE 2023

Walk through the following list of hurdles that you must overcome to achieve a good PTE score successfully:


Procrastination is when you put today’s work on tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on. You must plan and complete your task within time so that no activity is pending for the next day. Be cautious about preparing for your PTE exam, as today’s hard work will result in tomorrow’s success.  

Taking Reference from Different Sources

Imagine studying from different published sources on PTE. You are bound to get confused and cause chaos in your exam. Instead, look for specific references or study materials and refer to them only. Do not rush after everything is available out there. Remember, you cannot master your PTE syllabus overnight. It is time-consuming and demands patience to learn and understand. Studying from genuine and right sources will do the needful.

Being Over-Confident in the Preparation

Overconfident students about the PTE exam often find it more challenging to crack. The complexity of the exam is moderate, yet one should not keep their expectations high on scoring excellent marks. For example, if you have studied in an English school, you must be fluent. Moreover, you might think that if you scored good grades in your previous exams, you might also crack PTE. However, being good in English does not ensure you can get through PTE quickly.

Preparing Without Plans

If you plan your exam preparation, you will be at ease regarding time management and focus. Students are likely to be motivated when they have a set plan for PTE exam preparation. Your syllabus will also be completed before things are worked out as planned.

Not Taking Enough Self-Assessment

Self-assessment is essential in exam preparation as it evaluates students’ strengths and weaknesses. Skipping self-assessment will not show you areas that need to be worked upon. It is also helpful in keeping track of your performance in the PTE exam online.

Not Preparing For the Introduction

The first impression is the last. Therefore, not preparing for your PTE exam’s introduction sent to the universities you apply for may have a poor impact. Jot down the points you will include in your introduction and prepare accordingly.

Not Giving Priority to Notes

Students think that making notes is a waste of time. However, it is a crucial way to prepare for the PTE exam. It will help you in revising your topics side by side. Therefore, create short, easy-to-understand, essential notes as you prepare for your exam.


Although there are no such guidelines on who can appear for the PTE exam, you can still refer to the following information:

  • The applicant appearing for the exam must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  • If the applicant is less than 18 years, they need to provide consent from their parents to sit in the exam.

PTE Exam Pattern

The PTE exam format consists of the following four sections:

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Listening

The student is evaluated in all these four sections to check the ability to communicate in English overseas. Writing and speaking are usually seen as one section; the other two are considered different sections.

The total PTE exam 2023’s duration is two hours and is computer-based, so students must use their computer and headphones to listen, read, and answer the questions that appear during the exam.


Therefore, preparing for the PTE is quite challenging to ease your preparation; you can seek help from a good PTE coaching provider. ConnectPTE has helped many students worldwide with their PTE and has had successful results.

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